Mehndi Designs For Bride – Part 2

Marvelous mehndi design for bride bridal

Marvelous Mehndi design on both hands of the bride to welcome her to a new beginning in her life. This awe-inspiring design so meticulously drawn and placed perfectly adds a natural glamour to the bride. This mehndi when darkened will give a special look for the bride along with the jewellery and wedding attire


portrait mehendi design for bride bridal

A splendid mehndi design on hands for the bride to look like a star on the event. This detailed designed composed of traditional mehndi patterns is given a special touch by the portrait of bride and groom. Combination of glass and gold bangles and rings will add more glitter to this look of the bride


dulhan and doolha mehndi design for bride bridal

A beguiling bridal henna design on hand that will make her look ravishing best on her wedding. An intricate design composed of dulhan, doolha and peacock makes this attractive. The darkened mehndi in the background of glass and gold bangles and rings will look stunning


traditional mehendi design for bride bridal

A graceful full hand bridal mehndi that boost her confidence on her wedding day. This mesmerizing fusion of traditional designs with curls and checkers is simply adorable. The mehndi on darkening will look fantastic and even more stunning on combining with jewellery


Peacock mehendi design for bride-bridal

A wonderful bridal mehndi on hands for the one who likes it simple and lovely. This peacock centric design is surrounded by curls and petals with broad checkers. Huge bangles made of glasses and gold, bracelets and rings will add glamour to this look


peacock and kalash mehndi design for bride-bridal

An exquisite bridal henna design that decorates the arms and minds alike. This beautiful traditional design is a mix of paisley, peacock and kalash within curls and dots. This mehndi will look dashing with bedazzled wedding attire and heavy jewellery


paisley pattern mehndi design for bride bridal

A refreshing bridal mehndi design on hand that makes you proud and overwhelmed. This design of curls, paisley and peacock look fantastic on any bride who loves simplicity. When combined with beautiful bangles of gold and glass with a touch of rings on fingers will make you look magical


paisley and peacock mehndi design for bride bridal

A traditional mehndi design for the bride on both legs and arm to make her day very special. Mesmerizing designs of checkers, paisley, broad flowers and peacock makes this mehndi a grand gift to the bride. Bangles, rings, bracelets and wedding attire complete the look of the bride and enhance the importance of mehndi in weddings


traditional patterns mehndi design for bride bridal

Captivating bridal mehndi design on both legs and arms to give a glamorous look to her. This black mehndi is a fusion of traditional patterns with modern creativity. The portrait of dulha, doolhan surrounded by paisley, peacocks, checkers and broad flowers is simple breathtaking


intricate patterns mehndi design for bridal

A breathtaking mehndi design on arms and legs for the bride to look like a princess. This symmetric traditional henna designs on both legs and arm is a charmer as usual. The intricate patterns are so heartwarming and looks stunning when combined with bridal attire


Arabic mehendi design for bridal

An arresting bridal mehndi design on hand to makes you look gorgeous best on the D-Day. This intricate Arabic mehndi is fused with Indian style and given an exceptional look to the bride. Perfect for any type of wedding attire and looks amazing with bangles and rings


peacock and paisley mehendi design for bridal

An appealing bridal henna design on her hand that is simply alluring. This traditional design boldly displays peacock, paisley within dots and curls making it so captivating. The darkened mehndi on combining with beautiful bangles, rings and nail art will look stunning

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