Mehandi designs for back – Part 2

chic hamsa Mehandi design for back

A chic style back mehndi design that makes you proud of your choice and look. This design is a combination of traditional designs with modern creativity and drawn with such detail and shadings. You can flaunt this on occasions like wedding, functions and on casual outings by wearing deep back attires


peacock Mehandi design for back

A fantastic mehandi design for back that boost the feminine attitude. This mind blowing peacock design displaying such detail with dots and shading effects gives it a tattoo look. Such designs need to be seen by the world and is best suited with any attire be it traditional or modern.


flower pattern mehndi design for back

An enchanting back mehendi design that makes you feel glamorous and happy. This intricate design of centrally placed flower with symmetric leaves on either side looks fantastic and charming. You can wear it for any occasion and this decorative design will stand out in any attire


mandala mehndi design for back

A magnificent full back henna design that is stylish and modern in look. This traditional design is a beauty with the incorporation of mandala and other patterns. The shimmery look is perfect for occasions like wedding and celebration and goes amazingly with backless attires


peacock and floral mehndi design for back

A ravishing necklace on full back by mehndi design for art loving feminine attitude. This floral design looks beguiling with the peacock on top and shadings that gives an effect. It is best suited for backless and deep back dress and perfect for occasions like fashion show, wedding and functions


Polynesian mehendi design for back

An attractive mehandi design for back that makes the woman feel heavenly and proud. This mehndi looks more like a tattoo with the Polynesian tattoo pattern and intricate round designs. A go-for design that will adore your back in any attire and any occasion


beautiful floral mehendi design for back

An aesthetic mehendi design on back that gives a refreshing look to the woman. This design is a combination of traditional and modern patterns drawn across in a detailed manner. A beautiful floral pattern that looks stunning in backless and strapless dresses


traditional floral mehndi design for back

A pleasing mehndi design on back that is very attractive and simple. This traditional floral design with leaves and vines look amazing on the back. This decorative design goes well with deep back dresses and thin strapped dress and for occasion like casual outing


Modern mehndi design for back

A breathtaking mehandi tattoo looks perfectly like this design. A wonderful artistic beauty of several patterns and designs drawn in detail. It comprises of all the traditional designs of flowers mango leaf curly leave and so on. This traditional design fused with modern creativity paves the path for mehandi tattoo enthusiasts


simple flower mehndi design for back

A detailed simple back mehendi design that looks like a temporary tattoo. A beautiful flower with leaves and wings that are placed accordingly makes this design very catchy. It will look stunning in a backless or deep back dresses, gown and even in wedding attires


floral mehndi design for back

A lovely mehndi design on back for the bolder and stronger you. This floral design with leaves and vine spreading across all direction is simple pretty and easy to draw. You can show the world this beauty in a deep back gown or backless dress and put it on for any occasion


butterfly pattern mehndi design for back

A wonderful henna design for back that makes the woman feel proud of her. This wing shaped design is beautified with different patterns and looks amazing. Be confident and flaunt your body with this mesmerizing tattoo like Mehndi wearing a backless or strapless tops and dresses

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